Sewer Jetting Jackson MI

Sewer Jetting Jackson MI


Call today to ask about our new tree root removal process for residents in Jackson MI.  It is already saving customers thousands of dollars in excavating costs!

Blast Away Your Sewer Issues With High-Pressure Water Jetting Services

Water jetting is one of our specialized services offered at Minuteman Sewer in Jackson MI and essentially the process is using a high pressured water source that is directed at a surface or pipe using one of our hoses in order to efficiently clean or clear out any dirt or debris that may be on or stuck in the pipes. This method of cleaning is 100% safe and efficient and should leave the pipes on your Jackson MI home clean and unclogged for future uses. 

Benefits of Water Jetting Your Home In Jackson MI 

  • Remove sediment to unclog pipelines

  • Clean any sewer 2" in diameter and larger

  • Break up and move large amounts of soft material such as grease and paper blockages

  • No excavation needed

  • Application specific nozzles to remove a variety of debris: Sand, dirt, aggregates, roots, grease, ice, and concrete

  • Dethaw frozen drain lines without excavation

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Using a high pressured water system to clean your sewer and drains such as the ones at Minuteman Sewer & Drain can be a dangerous task; however, our expert team in Jackson Michigan is here to help you as we are just one phone call away from cleaning your sewer and drains.