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Sewer Jetting Jackson MI

Sewer Jetting Jackson MI


At Minuteman Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers. That's why we're excited to offer our new tree root removal process for residents in Jackson MI. Sewer jetting is a highly effective way to remove tree roots from your sewer line, and it can save you thousands of dollars in excavating costs. If you live in Jackson MI and are having problems with tree roots in your sewer line, call us today to ask about our new tree root removal process. We're confident that you'll be impressed with the results.


Blast Away Your Sewer Issues With High-Pressure Water Jetting Services

Water jetting is a highly specialized service that we offer at Minuteman Sewer in Jackson MI. It is an efficient method for cleaning and clearing out dirt or debris that may be present in pipes. This service is provided using a high-pressure water source that is directed through one of our specialized hoses. The process is completely safe and environmentally friendly, as there are no chemicals involved. Water jetting is particularly useful for clearing out blocked or clogged pipes. It is highly effective in removing stubborn grease and buildup, without causing any damage to the pipes themselves. In addition to being safe and efficient, water jetting is also a cost-effective method of maintaining your plumbing system. By keeping your pipes clean and unclogged, you can avoid costly repairs in the future and ensure that your plumbing system operates smoothly. At Minuteman Sewer, we offer the best quality water jetting service, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our highly trained professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to carry out this service, ensuring a thorough and long-lasting result. So if you're looking for an efficient way to clean your pipes, look no further than our water jetting service at Minuteman Sewer.

Benefits of Water Jetting Your Home In Jackson MI 

Sewer jetting offers many great benefits as this powerful cleaning method can be a lifesaver for your home or business saving you both time and money in the long term. If you weren’t already convinced about sewer jetting here are a few extra reasons why this service is for you.

  • Remove sediment to unclog pipelines

  • Clean any sewer 2" in diameter and larger

  • Break up and move large amounts of soft material such as grease and paper blockages

  • No excavation needed

  • Application-specific nozzles to remove a variety of debris: Sand, dirt, aggregates, roots, grease, ice, and concrete

  • Dethaw frozen drain lines without excavation

Need One of Our Services? Give Us a Call Now!

Using a high pressured water system to clean your sewer and drains such as the ones at Minuteman Sewer & Drain can be a dangerous task; however, our expert team in Jackson Michigan is here to help you as we are just one phone call away from cleaning your sewer and drains. 

Sewer & Drain Jetting FAQ

  • How Does Jetting Work?

    • Pressurized water is used to clear out clogs and blockages from pipes, effectively eliminating debris buildup that can cause slow drainage or complete blockages. ​

  • What Types Of Blockages Can It Clear?

    • Jetting can handle a wide range of blockages, from grease buildup to tree roots and everything in between.​

  • Is It Safe For All Types Of Pipes?

    • Jetting is also safe for most types of pipes, including those made of PVC and cast iron. However, it is always best to consult a professional before using this method.

  • How Often Should I Schedule Jetting Services?

    • As for scheduling, it is recommended to schedule jetting services annually to prevent buildup and ensure optimal performance of your sewer and drain systems.

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