Locate the Problem With Video Inspections

Let Minuteman Sewer & Drain Cleaning take a look inside your sewer lines. Avoid the expense of tearing up your sewer lines and guessing where the problem may lie by relying on our experts to provide a full color video inspection with digital location. 


Once you've located the problem with your sewer lines, count on our professionals to make the repairs you need. We provide thorough and expert sewer and drain cleaning services for residential And commercial properties throughout the Jackson County area. We're fully insured and licensed as sewer system installers.

Benefits of Video Inspections

  • Cameras mark the exact spot of a problem and can determine which repairs are needed

  • Limited exploratory excavation needed

  • Multiple pipeline inspection systems capable of servicing different sizes of pipes

  • Self-propelled and push cameras

  • Full-color video

  • Computer reports detailing all of the issues

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